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The Sorry Dead


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The Sorry Dead was formed in 2016 in Réunion around Austin Kehoe, former singer of the Winter Kings (Ireland), who was then looking for musicians to perform a self-produced electro rock album live.

He is then joined by Cyril (Bass), Dim (guitar - ex Tapes), Charly (drums) and Enrique (Keyboards). The interpretation then takes a more rock turn in the spirit of groups like Interpol, Placebo... thus deviating from the original atmosphere of the EP. The group gave a few concerts in this formation until the departure of Charly, very quickly replaced by Julien (drummer of Sly Sugar) who brought a new groove to the formation. TSD then finds its line-up and performs a few concerts on the rock stages of the island (Le Toit, La Cerise, Studio TIC, Le Latino, Passage du Chat Blanc).  

Composed today of Austin, Dim, Enrique, Julien and Saphire (Minibar, The Uncool), the group offers atmospheric mid-tempo compositions around Austin's hypnotic vocals, navigating between Rock and Pop, with an electronic and shoegaze.

Austin singing

Dmitri guitar

Sapphire bass / backing vocals

Julien drums

Enrique keyboard

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