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Ska / Soul / Rock

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In the beginning was the Rocksteady Sporting Club, a combo of nine musicians defending a "vintage" Jamaican sound, recognized vectors of a ska/rocksteady fever in Reunion.


After having scoured almost everything the island has in terms of stages (from the smallest to the largest), festivals (Opus Pocus, TamTam, Manapany, Tempo, Sakifo, etc.); after having produced three "old-fashioned" 45s and then performing a first metropolitan tour in 2016, the group's main architect, Julien Vabois, decided to refocus the formula around the voice of the singer, Manou, and to operate a more "rock" turn without denying any of its inspirations which make the big difference between Jamaica and England.


Now composed of six members, the group renames itself Holysoul and records its first album, "Backyard Diaries" (released March 2019).

Manou singing / percussion / melodica

Julien vocals / guitar

Lulu bass

david sax

battery fever

Charlou baritone sax / keyboard

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