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Malagasy music

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Songs, dances, percussion, trance, kabôsy, bush party


Three singing musicians tell you a story. The rhythms and vocal harmonies range from pure energy to contemplation.

The texts and compositions of Mamiso (pronounced Mamsou), ambassador of the big island since the 90s with the Senge group, and his acolytes Njiva and Cloé , are inspired, among other things, by the musical traditions of the south of his native island. Performed a cappella or accompanied by body or instrumental percussion, various acoustic instruments, sometimes choreographed, the songs alternate between harmonized melodies and more theatrical parts, forming a poetic patchwork like festivals in bush villages.


An original vision of the island of Madagascar. A quest, in search of the sources of Malagasy culture: mutual aid, fraternity, respect, sharing. Come experience the trance that heals and drives away evil spirits.

1st album Any, There , released in 2018

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