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Sly Sugar


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Recent studies have revealed the extremely addictive nature of sugar, the same goes for Sly Sugar.

Between softness and power, clarity and saturation, the island's brand new Reggae/Dub formation captivates us with melodic toppings then wakes us up with great round and deep bass strokes, all washed down with a suave song mixing French, Creole, Portuguese and English, we necessarily want more!  


Created in 2018 in Saint Benoît, the group is now made up of 4 experienced musicians with multiple influences. Indeed, if reggae/dub remains the common thread, the formation does not hesitate to survey the paths of other musical styles (maloya, rock, drum and bass...). Electronic sound certainly but in Sly Sugar we don't sequence at all costs, indeed everything is played live!


Since March 2019 the group has been performing on the island's stages with notable performances, in the first part of the 20th anniversary of Brain Damage at Bisik, at the Manapany Festival in the first part of Zoufris Maracas or Chez Ti-Roule.

Sly Sugar has also been selected by La Région Réunion as part of the Guétali 2019 scheme to perform 16 concerts throughout the island.  the  potential of the training is unanimously underlined. But she still intends to surprise, locally and abroad, with an ever more atypical and gourmet set.


Sylvain Balme keyboard / vocals

Julien Belloteau drums

Mishko M'Ba bass

Chris Haga vocals / percussion

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