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Young audience show 

From 2 years old - 35 min

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“The child is not a vase that one fills, but a spring that one lets flow”. With this quote from Maria Montessori, the Mamiso Trio invites fluidity.

After an ode to mother earth in their first show for young audiences Madame Gascar, Mamiso Trio pays tribute to the primary element at the origins of life: water. Fluid transmitter of emotions, pulsations, water composes us, it conveys our identity.

On stage, three musicians, in a refined scenography, compete in gentleness, inventiveness and flexibility to engage and maintain a dialogue with water. The voices flow and overlap like waves. The instruments (flutes, calabashes, ukulele, kabosy, tongue drum, udu, Nepalese bowl, bottles, katsa, apeaux, djembe, triangle...) evoke the liquid element..

Intended for the little ones, Fitempo is a sensory universe filled with softness and appeasement, but also with emotions and energy.

Mamiso : vocals, kabôsy (Malagasy mandolin), sodina (Malagasy flute), percussion

Soa : singing, dancing

Njiva : song, dance

Texts and music: Mamiso, Mevah, Njiva

Director: Olivier Prou

Texts in Creole: Erick Lebeau

Light design: Bruno Ronchetti

Sound design: Lionel Mercier and Stéphane Sergenton


Production: LPDF CORP.

Co-production: Le Kabardock,

Partners: Le Séchoir, Le Kerveguen, La Salle Georges Brassens

Support: Reunion DAC, Reunion Region, Spedidam, Sacem, FCM

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