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mandingo maloya

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Frédéric MADIA lead vocals / kamélé n'goni / djembe

Anas MALL balafon / djembe / choir

Farid AUBRAS bass / doum doum / choir

Harry PERIGONE doum doum / kayamb / choir

Léa SALIMINA choir / djabara

Mathias VAVELIN sati / malbar drum / choir

Melkiad PERIGONE roll / karian / choir

Madia fell very young into the maloya rice pot since he was 11 years old when he joined the group of the legendary Gramoun Lélé, his uncle. Later, he joined the CRR to follow, for 8 years, the teaching of percussionists Jean-Luc Ceddaha and Nicolas Moucazambo, who introduced him to African rhythmic languages.

After having completed her training in mainland France, and discovered and worked on the kamélé n'goni, Madia multiplies the collaborations on the island (Gramoun Sello, Grèn Semé, Tiloun, Votia...) and plays with her cousins Urbain and Willy Philéas in their groups. respective. In 2002, he again accompanied Gramoun Lélé on his last tours.

From 2006 to 2021, multi-instrumentalist of the group Lindigo, he goes on international tours, meetings and collaborations; he notably plays with Matthieu Chedid, Yarol Poupaud and Los Munequitos de Matanzaz, records with Winston McAnuff & Fixi (Jamaica/Metropolis), Skip&Die (South Africa), Pachibaba (Reunion/Metropolis) and Blakkayo (Mauritius).

The time has come for Madia to present her own compositions, within her own formation. The project has been thought out for a long time; he will offer music at the crossroads of Reunion maloya and Mandinka music, his two main musical influences. He created MADIAKANOU, a variable-geometry formation around a "Mandingo maloya" repertoire.

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