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The members of the LORYZINE group met during the Kabaré Services about ten years ago. It is therefore natural that these childhood friends, inhabitants of the same district, met to indulge their passion: The MALOYA

Between tradition and modernity, since 2008 the group LORYZINE has posed on the stages a modern and dynamic MALOYA while respecting their tradition, a new style in the colors of the miles
faces of their intense island which bathes in the Indian Ocean.

With a musical training at the regional conservatory of music, these young people decide to set up their structure based on the traditional MALOYA merged with their urban modes. LORYZINE's show is breathtaking. They offer the public a mixed journey.

The energy emanating from the choreographies and the stage play offered by the group, arouses the active participation of the public and their harmony.

*Maloya: traditional music from Reunion Island

*Kabaré Service: Former cult of Malagasy and African slaves on Reunion Island

Luciano Robert vocals

Yvan Domitien sati / piker

Mickael Barossi-Bacbar

Cedric Domitian

Judicaël Catema

Mathieu Mariaye

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