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JEAHY 5.jpg

Jeahy vocals / guitar

Ludovic THEILLET bass

Alain GRUESO guitar

Gregory VEY drums

Originally from Madagascar, more exactly from a small village called Nisoa, adjoining  at Besele, near Itampolo / Ampanihy west (Tulear region), JEAHY is a singer, songwriter,  self-taught guitarist.

His artist name JEAHY, means "  the man  in Malagasy Mahafaly. His real first names are Laurent Manjakasoa (which means in Malagasy,  "  good king  – what could be more normal since he comes from  of  princes and princesses  mahafaly). His destiny? All  an adventure  extraordinary. Nothing foreshadowed that he would one day leave a village lost in the middle of the bush…. From an early age, he was rocked by the paritako of his ancestors, the langoro and the aponga of his grandfather, the kantsà of his singer mother who accompanies the jejolava and the marovany  in the ATAUM group of the late ETSIFOSAINE, his father. JEAHY is better known as Jeahibesele de Mada in his country.

JEAHY has its own musical style,  the "  BEKO WILD FUSION  ". This is  a fusion of musical styles, authentic local blues mixed with Beko, a traditional vocal trance. His songs colored by the Mahafaly dialect become real journeys exploring Malagasy customs and daily life.


Today, he resides in the south of Reunion Island where he has joined his Reunionese wife and is even more eager to sing in Mahafaly. Become one of  ambassadors  of  its culture throughout the world thanks to its music and its songs is a wish  which he really cares about.

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