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Eno Zangoon


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In the era of all-digital and ultra-connection, Eno Zangoun claims a natural, raw and organic maloya that has its source in the fertile soil of Reunionese traditions: a zest of respect for nature and for man, a hint of uncompromising commitment to the planet…

Between the rhythm of the seeds of the kayanm, the deep strikes of the roulèr and those more raised of the sati (#charley), slips the melody of the congas. With the harmonious addition of the piano, he then takes us on a discovery of his “classic maloya”.

From “served kabaré” to “Tamil” ceremonies, from the essential Danyel Waro to Salif Keita, he soaks up the surrounding biodiversity to offer us songs, like seedlings to be shared.

His "classic maloya" is like a prayer launched to the ancestors for a communion with his public and his roots.

Eno Zangoun, the sustainable maloya grower…

- Eno : vocals, kayamb

- Emma : backing vocalist, kayamb/kass kass

- Emmanuel : piano/accordion

- Nathan : satisfied

- Sylvain : rolling

- Fredo : congas 

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