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Bat'Kare Muzik

world / maloya

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Emilie Maillot singing / rolling / triangle / guitar

Bruno Huet vocals / kayamb / guitar

Guilhem Parlongue tablas / tempura / cello

Matthieu Renaud dobro / electric guitar

The Bat'Karé Muzik group offers a “Chanson Maloya World” repertoire tinged with Indian sounds, Afro Blues and classical music. The voices of Emilie and Bruno mingle with strength and gentleness, with instruments from Maloya and instruments from elsewhere, played with passion by Guilhem (cello, tablas) and Matthieu (dobro, guitar).


Bat'Karé Muzik invites your children's hearts and your adult dreams to the same table...just like at Grandma's! An auditory caress that wishes to connect the power of music to the strength of the Creole word.

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