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Heritaz Maloya


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HERITAZ MALOYA was created in 2011 by Charles André GADO, songwriter and leader of the group. Composed of five musicians and two singers. They are mainly from the south of the island of Reunion.

Most of them learned to sing in the "servis kabaré" (ceremony dedicated to the ancestors) from a young age.

Through their music mainly anchored on the traditional Maloya called "Maloya Bandé", they were able to perform on the various stages of the island.

The group is also involved in the cultural environment by offering maloya workshops in schools, but also in hospitals. The release of their first album "AYO'32" in 2016 was a musical springboard for this group, because indeed they made themselves known to a large local audience. This allowed them in 2017 to win the "VOICES of the Indian Ocean".

Currently in preparation for their second album, it is with great interest that they are busy introducing new musical instruments from Brazil, Africa, India... In order to add new musical notes to be discovered  very soon.

- Charles André GADO: leader / vocals / kabossy

- Shaïda ALBA: vocals / backing vocals

- Adele SEMBRENON: backing vocals

-- Nelson CHASSAN: pikèr / balafon

- Lucae lRANGGET: rolling

- Bryan PAYET: kayamb

- Emmanuel CALTON: satisfied

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