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Soft Quartet


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SOFT QUARTET is a quartet without piano with Christoph Chabirand on valve trombone or bass trumpet, David Joannais on baritone sax, Jean-Michel Audiger on double bass and Julien Weisse on drums.

The instruments present in this group are clearly a reference to the famous quartet of Gerry Mulligan with Bob Brookmeyer whose "west coast" spirit is preserved, moreover certain pieces of Mulligan like Bernie's tune, The cat walk or Walking shoes are taken up by the SOFT QUARTET and others have been arranged in an original way but in the same spirit. The deliberate absence of the piano leads the trombone and the baritone to produce  chants and countermelodies which diverge and come together a little like the classical construction of the fugue in the presentation of the themes but also during the improvised sequences.

The musicians of the SOFT QUARTET are all experienced instrumentalists and well known to the Reunionese public for their participation in various jazz groups, local or classical music.

Christoph Chabirand : trombone / bass trumpet

David Joannais: baritone sax

Jean-Michel Audiger: double bass

Julien Weisse: drums

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