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Madame Gascar

Young audience show

From 5 years old - 50 min

Madame Gascar is the soul of the island of Madagascar, the mother of all Malagasy people. The disagreements of her children, like the divisions experienced by the six Malagasy provinces, make her suffer. His children must find what unites them, their roots! Supporting mutual aid, respect and sharing, Malagasy culture can help them find the path to fraternity. The comfort will then come from dance and music...

The original compositions, inspired by traditional Malagasy polyphonic songs, are interpreted a capella by Mamiso, Mevah and Njiva, accompanied by percussion and chanted by the spokesperson, as in the festivals of bush villages.
A show that heals and wards off evil spirits.

Mamiso : storytelling, singing, kabôsy (Malagasy mandolin), sodina (Malagasy flute), percussion, dance

Soa : story, song, percussion, dance

Njiva : story, song, ravanne (Mauritian drum), percussion, dance

Director: Olivier Prou

Light Design: Anthony Desvergnes;

Production: JM France

Texts and Music:  Mamiso, Mevah, Njiva


Partner :  The Salle Georges Brassens – les Avirons (Reunion Island)
Support: Reunion DAC, Reunion Region, SACEM

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