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Guitar, voice, Indian, Reunionese and Afro percussion… A nourished and rich color inspired by the complex rhythms of Carnatic music.

A call rings out... and TRAMAY takes our imagination on a journey... A "dousman" and acoustic maloya mixes with a creative fusion and a groove from Creole India, African and Brazilian swings and other well-spiced rhythms.

Here we are free to escape and relive experiences of friendship, and of love too… in Reunion, in India… and elsewhere.
The artists, accomplices, touch us. They share with us, with open hearts, a warm intimacy... Conviviality and smiles, and a few dance steps, are born on the road of this journey because, intoxicated and delighted, we want more.


From the West Indies to Africa, from the insane rhythms of Cape Verde to the soulful melodies of childhood, groove on one side, sensitivity on the other, it's a journey of the heart for music of the soul that you are invited to discover

Florence Latapy  lead vocals, kayamb, small percussion and dance

David Abrousse Reunion Island and Indian percussion

Jimmy Imare guitar, voice and percussion

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