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Mummy Wata

Funk / Afrobeat

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Mummy Wata.jpg

In the clear waters of the Creole seas (Reunion, Caribbean, New Orleans) in the Gulf of Guinea, along the coasts of Nigeria, Ghana, to the Senegalese shores, we could see in 2015, Mummy Wata, a goddess  aquatic, a woman of great beauty, with black, curly or frizzy hair, which she combs with a golden comb. She has black skin, big and bright eyes, her clothes are the latest fashion and her jewelry is blinding.

14 people from Reunion fell under its spell, won over by exotic, tropical trances, AfroBeat, HighLife, Soukouss, Funk, celebrate cultural diversity and encounter by singing and shaking brass and percussion instruments on a solid altar bass, guitars, drums and keyboard.

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