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My Own Club


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In the beginning was the Rocksteady Sporting Club, a combo of nine apostles of the Jamaican good word circa the 60s and 70s: ska, rocksteady, tinged with an original return to soul.

Then came the desire, in parallel, to unplug the fairy electricity to see how these compositions would sound in a more acoustic environment.

This is the birth certificate of My Own Klub, which has since pursued its own existence. If the repertoire still includes creations and covers usually worn by the Rocksteady Sporting Club, it has gradually diversified and expanded. With an instrumental accompaniment that has been stripped down, Manou's voice has naturally gained in soulful intensity, while the music has taken on folk and especially blues accents, helping to create a cozy atmosphere that compels listening.

Manou vocals / percussion / cajon / melodica

Julien guitar / backing vocals

Bertrand cajon / trumpet / backing vocals

David guitar / backing vocals

Ludo bass / backing vocals

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