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Fool Kamels


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You know that feeling of the wind whipping your face... Well Fool Kamels, that's it! A devastating breath that throws pebbles in your ears … not even badly.

The group was born on the slopes of the volcanoes of the Indian Ocean (Mayotte, Réunion) and claims stoner rock, grunge, or even indie pop origins. The sound of the band is heavy and massive, it smells of dust, the air is hot and dry… we sweat and it feels good  !


The four members of the group, fed on 70's/90's rock, develop a clever mix of vocal melodies and explosive riffs on an effective and powerful rhythm. The volcanic energy that emerges does not deny its influences and does not leave anyone indifferent. The group sows its pebbles on the island of Reunion and begins to forge a solid reputation with a large audience.  

Fool Kamels is also the camel who yells the hatred of his condition and makes you feel a state of emergency, where rock is no longer just music but a state of mind.

Kamel Rami lead/bass vocals

Olivier Branchereau lead guitar

Thomas Begrand drums / backing vocals

Frédéric Le Gall keyboard / FX / backing vocals

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